Rob Bruner 14947857_799776650165211_3421299422382227112_nis a senior at Ohio State University studying Psychology and Criminology. He shares his story:

“I’m a small town kid that has always had a passion for sports. I have had many mentors along the way that have helped me to foster this love. Once I got to college I thought that sports would have to take a lesser role in my life, but I was wrong. I actually got even more involved. Campus recreation has provided me an opportunity to enjoy what I do and spend my time doing something that I love. Being able to make an impact on the school and help others is important to do, and campus recreation is an outlet for this. Involvement in state associations and NIRSA allows you to impact people all around the state and country. You may not even know those who you are helping and impacting and that is a powerful thing. “



Adam Scott is a sophomore at Indiana State University studying Insurance. He shares his story:

“I applied to be a lifeguard as a freshman with hopes of becoming involved with campus activities. I later learned that I could be a part of our Rec Center’s Rec Council, which is a group of students who show leadership in their position. I ran to be the Lead Lifeguard and get a spot on Rec Council at the end of my freshman year, and I got it. Since then my main goal has been to make the student employees lives easier. It comes with more responsibility but I enjoy volunteering and representing the council, I get to meet lots of new people and I’m helping out our campus recreation at the same time. “My favorite memory so far (I plan to make many more) is when our Rec Council volunteered a team to help freshmen move into their dorms early in the year. I met lots of new people and when they come in the rec center they recognize me and wave.”

14570695_783878268421716_6198258088457938842_o Collin Volpintesta is a Building Manager at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse shares his experience:

“Going into my freshman year of college, I intended to go for Athletic Training and I knew UW-L had a fantastic program. Unfortunately, I applied too late and wound up at a two year school in my hometown of Appleton, WI. I was accepted into La Crosse after my freshman year and began looking for a part-time on campus job. My brother suggested I apply for the UW-L Rec Sports department. I applied and was hired as a Customer Service Representative, which I worked for two years. Within my first year at La Crosse with the impact of the Rec and influence from my supervisor, I officially declared as a Recreation Management major. After working at the REC for two years as a Customer Service Representative, I applied for and was hired as a Building Manager, which is the position I am currently in my second year of at the REC. On top of my Building Manager role, I serve as a co-chair for our Emergency Response Team, I am the Building Manager representative for our Student Advisory Council, and I serve on our LEAD and B.E.S.T. committees within the UW-L Rec Sports department. I will be graduating this spring with a major in Recreation Management and a minor in Coaching. I intend to continue my education by completing the Golf Enterprise Management program at UW-Stout as I hope to someday get into the Golf Course Management profession.Through campus recreation, I have been able to grow my professional network by attending the conferences we offer for the program. I have also gained a FAMILY away from home with the UW-L Rec Sports department, which for me is extremely important in a working environment.”

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